They think they’re sooo CLEVER!

Thanks for taking this course my name, is Eric Griffith and I am the director of media and training programs here at MobileTek Services, I've been a technology director and three different school districts over the past 18 years and now I have an opportunity to provide professional development full-time to Educators in person and virtually with this new position at MobileTek. Today's course is all about catching those students you're being sneaky in your classroom on their Chromebooks. You may have children in your classroom or Technologically United Rambunctious Deceptive Students, and I lovingly refer to those types of children as TURDS. So if you're constantly on a turd watch in your classroom this course has absolutely for you and I hope you enjoy it.

I'm sure we've all had those students in the classroom that we have suspected of doing something other than being on task while on their Chromebook. You've ever experienced this, then this free resource is for you! Grab a Chromebook and work along with me step-by-step as we review just how those students are being sneaky on their Chromebooks, from weird gestures on the trackpad to hiding their tabs in Chrome, I've seen it all. So not only will you learn how they're being sneaky but several ways on how to combat it as well!

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