​​What is Digital Storytelling?

What is Digital Storytelling?

What is digital storytelling? Digital storytelling

  • Uses computers, or mobile devices, to tell stories
  • Usually focus on a specific topic
  • Can contain a mixture of images, texts, videos, audio narration, music, transitions, and effects

Most digital stories are between 2-10 minutes in length.

Three main types of digital stories: 

  • personal narratives
  • historical documentaries
  • content areas or topic specific 

We will be focusing on these in this course. 

Incorporating digital storytelling into your class offers many benefits such as: 

  • Learning happens socially and through language. This is a natural part of digital storytelling 
  • Expressing ideas in multiple forms enhances/deepens the meaning and helps with memory retention 
  • Develop and strengthen communication and presentation skills which are a part of content standards for every grade level
  • Supports Universal Design for Learning (multiple means of representation, expression and engagement) 
  • Increases all the great literacies skills-  technology, visual, global, information, and digital literacy skills

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