Setting up Google Classroom

To get started with Google Classroom you want to visit and make sure that you are signed in with your schools Google email account. The reason you don't want to use your personal Google account is due to privacy and your school may have integrated extensions that will work better with that account.

Once signed into Google classroom you'll want to create your very first classroom. Click the Plus in the upper right-hand corner and click create classroom. When coming up with a name for your very first classroom it's important to add as many defining parameters to your classroom as possible, meaning the year the subject your name and the class. See the example below:

2021 Eng- Grifftastic - P4

The reason we do this is not only for ease-of-use when connecting are classes to third-party applications, but also when we archive and restore classes it makes it easier if they're not all named the same thing, for example if you teach biology and every year you archive biology 1 biology 2 and biology 3, you're not quite sure which year each one of those classes is, so labeling them ahead of time is incredibly helpful.