Getting Started With Google Slides

Getting started with Google Slides

This course covers getting started with Google Slides, which is Google's version of Microsoft PowerPoint. That being said Google Slides is so much more as it is 100% collaborative and a lot of teachers have turned it into an Interactive presentation flash worksheet machine for students in order to turn-in on their learning management system of choice.

Grifftastic Pro Tip: when creating your Google Slides, in order to keep better organized you may want to go into the folder within Google Docs and create the document there, that way it keeps you nice and organized. You can also create a new Google Slide by going to Slides.New this quick link automatically creates a new Google slide for you every single time you click it.

As we continue to rely a hundred percent on the internet, you'll also want to keep an eye on the status of the document, if your device that you're editing a Google slide on ever loses internet access you'll be notified at the top of the screen where it says status. you are able to work offline with Google Docs, but working online is way better. The document should automatically be saved as you're working online and as soon as Internet access is regained it will synchronize and backup the document immediately.

Sharing The Slides Versus Sharing The Presentation

Depending on how we intend to use our presentation, sharing the slide may not always be the best way to do it, for example if you want to present to your students, and you don't want them to be distracted with any of the other buttons or notes for side menus that you see while you're editing the slide, you may want to share a link to the view presentation. however if you're collaborating with somebody, simply clicking the share button just like any other Google application works the same way.

in order to Simply share the presentation view with the students, you want to publish the file to the web, this button is under the file menu in the upper left-hand corner.

After the publishing menu pops up you simply want to click the publish button and then copy the link in order to share it with your audience.

Displaying your slide presentation in this way is a great way to keep students on task and focused - I use this to display my daily announcements as well as Bell ringers and exit tickets with a single click.

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