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Blocksi's Classroom management system allows teachers to monitor every Chromebook and Windows screen in the classroom collectively or individually. The teacher dashboard can also be used to share a URL with every student and also deny access to a specific or all online resources. Learn how with our training.

Getting Started with the

Blocksi Teacher Dashboard

This training is provided by Eric Griffith and will provide a step by step process on getting started with the Blocksi Teacher Dashboard. Expect to learn how to monitor student devices, block websites you deem inappropriate, and prevent students from getting off task on their devices.

We have also provided quick resources for things like "adding a second teacher to your Blocksi Class" and "quickly blocking websites," so you don't have to re-watch the step by step videos when you just need a quick answer.

As more teachers ask questions in the comments, we will continue to add resources included with the cost of this course.

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Getting Started for Blocksi for Teachers

Getting Started for Blocksi for Teachers

If your school district recently started using Blocksi as a student content filter and a classroom management system then this is the course for you. Getting Started with Blocksi for Teachers walks you through step-by-step Blocksi's classroom management solution.