Getting Started with Blocksi for Teachers

Logging In & Understanding The Basics & Importing Your Students

  • Logging in with your School Google Account

    • Head on over to and click the Login Button in the upper right corner of the screen.
    • Select the “Teacher” button under the Education Everywhere category.
    • Then click “Sign in with your Google” and use your school’s google account.

  • Now that we have successfully signed into the “Teacher Dashboard,” this is where all of your classes are kept and it’s where you can create and schedule new classes.

  • Before we start, let’s talk Vocabulary:
    • CLASSES are the same as your individual classes containing your students, each time you enter an individual class, you will need to start a
    • SESSION. Sessions are either manually started or scheduled to start automatically, and after about 45 minutes they automatically stop. Don’t work this is just a default time and when Blocksi calls the
    • DURATION. We will get into setting that as well if your classes are longer or shorter. Each class keeps a
    • RECORDING which documents the internet history of each student in the class during that session. There is a link to recordings on each of the class links. In each session we can apply
    • POLICIES which are collection of
    • FILTERS based on different things your students can view. Lastly you can apply these policies to all the students in your session or you can create
    • GROUPS which consist of smaller collections of your students. For example if one group of students needed to work on a specific task or website, you could apply a separate policy to that group and still allow the rest of the students in your class session to work independently.

  • Next, we will import your Google Classroom
    • Click the classroom icon and then select the Google classroom that you want to import.
      • NOTE: If your student list ever changes you will need to go back and click the “sync Classroom” button within the class and it will add and remove any students that you made changes to in that original Google Classroom.
    • There you go, it was just that simple.